Where kids ride high in the saddle

890 Peekskill Hollow Road
Putnam Valley, NY 10579

Where We Are and our Trail Rides

Trail Riding in Putnum CountyWe are located at 890 Peekskill Hollow Road in historic Putnam Valley,  mile east of the Taconic State Parkway and next to 11,000 acre Clarence Fahnestock State Park, laced with riding trails. The trail riding here is great -- through forests, on dirt roads to lakes and to spectacular mountain views.

We ride past the remains of abandoned 18th century farms, old walls and mysterious stone chambers.

Nature is in abundance - deer, wild turkey, turkey buzzards and red-tailed hawks are regularly seen.Putnum Country Horse Trail

Hour trail rides/lessons are occasionally available on a limited basis depending on our schedule. If you have your own horse, the possibilities for great riding are almost endless.  Experienced riders only -- see qualifications noted below!

We offer trail riding on these trails only to our students and to experienced riders at our discretion. The less structured environment of our natural trail system requires stringent monitoring due to insurance requirements. We thank you for your understanding.

Call for pricing, and ask about our yearly membership fees!

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Some of the Trails

  • Moose Hill Trail - 1 hour round trip. This is our most used trail. We go through the forest to an old mining road which climbs the side of the ridge.  At the top it flattens out to graded trails that go through abandoned 18th century farmsteads. The trail climbs again coming out on Moose Hill which has great views of the surrounding mountains.
  • Chamber Trail - A short detour to a stone chamber of mysterious origin which faces the summer solstice. The origin of Ancient Stone Structure on Horse Trailthese structures is unclear; speculation about who build them includes Viking, Celts, Phoenicians, Colonial settlers, Indians, and witches. The more questions asked about these structures, the fewer answers there are. A true Hudson Valley mystery!
  • Lake Trail (2+ hours) - Past the stone chamber, keep taking rights until you get to the power lines. Then continue to a lake which is at a small lakeside community. The trail is good and then becomes a dirt road.
  • Balanced Rock Trail  - (2+ hours) - Past the stone chamber take the left fork onto a graded trail that continues for a long way. We have never gotten to the end of this trail, so where it ends is still a mystery -- but it is good riding!
  • Appalachian Trail (Horse Trail Extension) - Begins down Peekskill Hollow Road and eventually leads to the Appalachian Trail. A good long ride...
  • There are countless other trails for riding in the area and in the park, including easy and other trails up the ridge right in back of the barn.